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Making a WillWills and Administration of Estate 

Our specialist team is dedicated to ensuring the proper planning of clients' estates offering expert advice on all aspects of will-making including the creation of settlements as well as trust and estate taxation.

We also ensure fast and efficient administration of estates and have extensive experience in the proper management of affairs after death.


We will help you to prepare your Will and give advice on what suits your requirements. To ensure your wishes are carried out, we will prepare your Will and advise you accordingly having due consideration for Tax and Family Law matters. We can also arrange home visits as required. Why should you make a Will? For further information on why making a Will is important, click here>>.


Administration of Estate

We also have a probate and administration service and we provide advice on the legal process in which an estate is transferred after a person's death - a process known as "probate". We also advise on the legal issues related to the administration, management, and distribution of an estate and tax issues which may arise.


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