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The firm consists of 3 Solicitors and approximately 7 staff in all. The firm is highly organised with continued investment in knowledge, IT and continuing staff development. The firm is organised so that the Solicitors specialise in specific areas and can offer specialised services to the firm's clients while retaining the firm's availability to supply a wide range of services.

Nuala Ford B.A. LL.B.

Nuala FordNuala Ford is the principal of the the Firm. Nuala attended NUI Galway, graduating with a BA Degree and LLB.  She was admitted to the roll of Solicitors in 1987 and practised with the firm of John M. Ford Solicitors, Galway until 1995 when she joined Lewis C. Doyle & Co. Solicitors... Read More >> 

Lewis C. Doyle B.C.L.

Lewis C.DoyleLewis C Doyle is retained as a consultant by the Firm. He obtained a Bachelor Civil Law Degree in University College Dublin in 1969 and qualified as a Solicitor in 1972. He worked for WB Glynn... Read More >>

Karina Doyle B.A. LL.B.

Karina DoyleKarina Doyle commenced her legal career in NUI Galway where she obtained a BA and LLB Degrees. She was admitted to the roll of Solicitors in Ireland in 1983 and commenced practice with WB Glynn & Co Solicitors until 1988 when she joined Lewis C. Doyle & Co. Solicitors... Read More >>