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Augustine CourtProfile of Ford & Associates Solicitors

Ford & Associates Solicitors was established in Galway in 2013 by Nuala Ford.  Legal knowledge and expertise is the core of our business, so we invest heavily in systems and staff to ensure that we provide our clients with a pro-active service that is based upon legal excellence, quality and efficiency.

Our offices are located at St. Augustine Street in the heart of Galway's bustling business district. The firm has a total of 7 staff of which three are solicitors, with each solicitor specialising in specific areas of the law. This means that we can offer specialised services to our clients while retaining our availability to supply a broad range of services.

Practice areas

Our main areas of practice are:

  1. Taxation (Inheritance, Gift, Capital Gains & Property-related Taxation)

Professional Indemnity

All solicitors in the firm are admitted to the Law Society's roll of Solicitors and the firm holds professional indemnity cover with extensive top up cover. All our solicitors are continually updated on legal developments which impact on our clients' business as part of the Law Society's Continuing Professional Development programme.

IT capability

At Ford & Associates Solicitors we pride ourselves on our high level of organisation with continued investment in knowledge, IT and continuing staff development.

We have an extensive, up-to-date library with a broad range of on-line access to commercial, corporate, and private client documentation. We use the Lexis Nexis Time Matters case management system and Alpha Law Vantage accounting software. HotDocs is used for automated creation of documentation which integrates with the Time Matters case management system.

All incoming correspondence is scanned into the system on a daily basis and all correspondence, documentation and accounts records are retained online for continued ease of access.

By harnessing the best breed of information technology systems, we ensure that our firm is at the forefront in running an efficient and up-to-date practice using best modern standards.