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Commercial Property

Shop Street ChristmasThe firm has a long history of dealing with commercial property, acting on behalf of many of Galway's foremost construction firms and developers over a long period of time.

Our Solicitors have the necessary experience and knowledge to advise our clients in relation to development projects from pre-planning to completion and working to deliver on time the legal framework for the purchasing, financing, sale and leasing of commercial projects. Major developments where the firm has advised clients include office blocks, IDA business park sites, business and retail parks, factories, warehouses and tax-driven inner city development projects.

Commercial Property Advice 

We advise our clients in all aspects of commercial property transactions and necessary documentation, including:

  1. Bonds and Guarantees
  2. Building Contracts
  3. Building Regulations
  4. Capital Allowances
  5. Capital Taxes Returns to the Revenue Commissioners
  6. Collateral Warranties
  7. Completion of the purchase of the property
  8. Compliance with Fire Certificates and Fire Officer Approval
  9. Compliance with Social and Affordable Housing requirements
  10. Compliance with the Planning Conditions
  11. Contract negotiations for sale and lease of the development
  12. Financing the project and security documentation
  13. Investigation of Title
  14. Lease documentation 
  15. Liquor Licences
  16. Planning applications and Appeals
  17. Pre-Contract and Pre Lease enquiries
  18. Purchase by way of Auction and Tender
  19. Purchase Contract
  20. Sales documentation
  21. VAT implications of the transaction